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Things To Do With Kids In Fayetteville, NC!!!

Great places to take kids in Fayetteville!

Having time away from our kids is necessary. But the quantity and quality of the time you spend with them is also very important. The thing is, finding things to do (let alone deciding!) can be difficult. Don't worry. Between Fayetteville events, activities, meet-ups and places to go with your children, Fayetteville might offer just enough to quench your need for kid time while keeping up your mom/dad game!

Looking for things to do with kids in Fayetteville, NC doesn't have to be painful. We hope this resource helps a little. Treat it like a menu of options. We will update it as often as we can for you. Don't forget to bookmark it and share with others who could use it.

And of course, DON'T FORGET us on your next date night, guys night, ladies night or whatever else you crazy moms and dads do! We're here for you! Click here for our rates! 

B & B Bowling Lanes


Don't underestimate the power of bowling! B & B Lanes offers a fun, easy and affordable activity that will at the very least, intrigue your children. Bowling ball ramps are available for your youngest! Good times await! 

Bravery Kids Gym


Bravery Kids Gym it looks like an indoor playground, but it's so much more! From sensory activities to climbing and riding, you can spend an hour or two here and not even know it. Best of all, everyone will be ready for a nap afterwards. Bring your socks, snacks and enjoy the variety of things to do! 

Cape Fear Botanical Garden


From a children's area to endless and hidden trails of trees and flowers, the magic never ends. Enjoy daily passes or annual family memberships at very reasonable rates. Don't forget to keep an eye out for their events throughout the year. 

Clark Park


Clark Park is one of Cumberland County's most dynamic parks. In the parking lot, you'll be greeted by a train track which sometimes will treat children to passing trains! The playground is large and the nature center contains many live animals that your children will love. Don't forget to explore the trails! 

Fascinate-U Children's Museum


Let your children's imaginations run wild at Fascinate-U Children's Museum. Here, they can roam free (with your supervision) and play the roles of dozens of members of the community. They may choose to be a fireman, police officer, nurse, dentist, farmer, actor, teacher and so much more! For those with toddlers or infants, there's a secret playroom in the back you should ask about. :)

Lake Rim Park


Lake Rim Park is a great place to meet other social families and their children. The park has two playgrounds, soccer field, football field and lots of trail to walk and run. 

Mazarick Park


Mazarick Park is an amazing place for children and adults of all ages. Enjoy one of their playgrounds or just take a walk in the woods. Plenty of space to frolic here!


Sometimes it's not about having places to go. Sometimes, it's just getting together and doing whatever! may help with that. Find the right Meet-Up and start building relationships with other families in the community. Finding things to do with kids in Fayetteville, NC may even be easier when you have people to bounce ideas off of! Enjoy! 

Putt-Putt Fun Center


So how about a little ole' fashioned fun? Putt-Putt Fun Center on Camden Road is great for adults and kids. From Putt-Putt to go carts and more. It's all here. And by the way, did you know that Fayetteville, NC was home to the very first Putt-Putt Fun Center? True story! Definitely one of the things to do with kids in Fayetteville, NC! 

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