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Hourly Childcare in Fayetteville, NC! - We're here!

Hourly Childcare Made Easy (And Lovingly)

You know that feeling when you've realized it's been four days since your last meaningful interaction with another adult? That feeling when you just want to curse at someone and the only human being around you is a two-year-old who could possibly be a future military general or CEO? Our hourly childcare in Fayetteville, NC is here for you! AND we don't ever judge! In fact, we don't judge so much we consider ourselves the Planet Fitness of drop-in childcare - a judge-free zone!


Really, the only staring we do is while we play with "Mr. Cute Face" while you disappear under the skillful hands of one of our downtown massage therapists here in Fayetteville, NC. 


Oh, but wait! You forgot you were going to pick Mr. Cute Face up in an hour? That's ok! Just call us and let us know. 

Hourly childcare in Fayetteville, NC is hard to come by. Especially in the middle of the day when you've hit the panic button and accidentally called 911 on yourself to keep from punting your child into the couch. Too far? Not far enough? Whatever the case, give us a try soon. You need to be a little selfish sometimes. Your family will thank you for it. 

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